Variable : Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification

Variables serve as the dimensions of nCubes, and are generally based on the questions on forms such as the census schedule. However, in the aggregate data held in the Vision of Britain system we do not store the individual responses but counts of the number of each kind of response, so variables are made up of categories, such as age groups.

Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification
Variable (V)
This classification was developed by Charles Booth as part of the preliminary studies leading up to his survey of Life and labour of the people in London (1892-7), but first published by Armstrong only in 1972 (Armstrong, W.A., 'The use of information about occupation', ch. 6 (pp. 191-310) in Wrigley, E.A. (ed.), Nineteenth-century Society: Essays in the use of quantitative methods for the study of social data (Cambridge: CUP, 1972). Since its publication, it has been widely used, especially in community studies using the census enumerator's books.

Variable " Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification " is contained within:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data:

Entity ID Entity Name
N_IND_BOOTH1841 Occupation data classified by the Booth system plus sex & age

Variable Groups, bringing together related variables:

Entity ID Entity Name
VG_IND Industry

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_IND_BOOTH_SECTOR Booth-Armstrong Industrial Sectors

Variable " Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_OCC_RAW1841 1841 Occupational Titles

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_IND_BOOTH_1 Farming
C_IND_BOOTH_2 Land Service
C_IND_BOOTH_3 Breeding
C_IND_BOOTH_4 Fishing
C_IND_BOOTH_5 Mining
C_IND_BOOTH_6 Quarrying
C_IND_BOOTH_7 Brickmaking
C_IND_BOOTH_8 Salt & Waterworks
C_IND_BOOTH_9 Building: Management
C_IND_BOOTH_10 Building: Operative
C_IND_BOOTH_11 Building: Roadmaking
C_IND_BOOTH_12 Manufacturing: Machinery
C_IND_BOOTH_13 Manufacturing: Tools
C_IND_BOOTH_14 Manufacturing: Shipbuilding
C_IND_BOOTH_15 Manufacturing: Iron & Steel
C_IND_BOOTH_16 Manufacturing: Copper, tin, lead
C_IND_BOOTH_17 Manufacturing: Gold & Silver
C_IND_BOOTH_18 Manufacturing: Earthenware
C_IND_BOOTH_19 Manufacturing: Coal & gas
C_IND_BOOTH_20 Manufacturing: Chemicals
C_IND_BOOTH_21 Manufacturing: Furs & Leather
C_IND_BOOTH_22 Manufacturing: Glue, Tallow
C_IND_BOOTH_23 Manufacturing: Hair
C_IND_BOOTH_24 Manufacturing: Woodworkers
C_IND_BOOTH_25 Manufacturing: Furniture
C_IND_BOOTH_26 Manufacturing: Carriages & Harness
C_IND_BOOTH_27 Manufacturing: Paper
C_IND_BOOTH_28 Manufacturing: Floorcloth, Waterproofs
C_IND_BOOTH_29 Manufacturing: Woollens
C_IND_BOOTH_30 Manufacturing: Cotton & Silk
C_IND_BOOTH_31 Manufacturing: Flax, Hemp
C_IND_BOOTH_32 Manufacturing: Lace
C_IND_BOOTH_33 Manufacturing: Dyeing
C_IND_BOOTH_34 Manufacturing: Dress
C_IND_BOOTH_35 Manufacturing: Sundries
C_IND_BOOTH_36 Manufacturing: Food Preparation
C_IND_BOOTH_37 Manufacturing: Baking
C_IND_BOOTH_38 Manufacturing: Drink Preparation
C_IND_BOOTH_39 Manufacturing: Smoking
C_IND_BOOTH_40 Manufacturing: Watches, Instruments, Toys
C_IND_BOOTH_41 Manufacturing: Printing
C_IND_BOOTH_42 Manufacturing: Unspecified
C_IND_BOOTH_43 Warehouses & Docks
C_IND_BOOTH_44 Ocean Navigation
C_IND_BOOTH_45 Inland Navigation
C_IND_BOOTH_46 Railways
C_IND_BOOTH_47 Roads
C_IND_BOOTH_48 Dealing: Coals
C_IND_BOOTH_49 Dealing: Raw Materials
C_IND_BOOTH_50 Dealing: Clothing Materials
C_IND_BOOTH_51 Dealing: Dress
C_IND_BOOTH_52 Dealing: Food
C_IND_BOOTH_53 Dealing: Tobacco
C_IND_BOOTH_54 Dealing: Wines, Spirits, Hotels
C_IND_BOOTH_55 Dealing: Lodgings & Coffee Houses
C_IND_BOOTH_56 Dealing: Furniture
C_IND_BOOTH_57 Dealing: Stationery & Publications
C_IND_BOOTH_58 Dealing: Household Utensils, Ornaments
C_IND_BOOTH_59 Dealing: General Dealers
C_IND_BOOTH_60 Dealing: Unspecified
C_IND_BOOTH_61 Industrial Service: Finance
C_IND_BOOTH_62 Industrial Service: Labour
C_IND_BOOTH_63 Central Administration
C_IND_BOOTH_64 Local Administration
C_IND_BOOTH_65 Sanitary Administration
C_IND_BOOTH_68 Police & Prisons
C_IND_BOOTH_70 Medicine
C_IND_BOOTH_71 Art & Amusements (Painting)
C_IND_BOOTH_72 Art & Amusements (Music, etc)
C_IND_BOOTH_73 Literature
C_IND_BOOTH_74 Science
C_IND_BOOTH_75 Education
C_IND_BOOTH_76 Religion
C_IND_BOOTH_77 Domestic Service: Indoor
C_IND_BOOTH_78 Domestic Service: Outdoor
C_IND_BOOTH_79 Domestic Service: Extra service
C_IND_BOOTH_80 Property Owning & Independent