Category : Manufacturing: Furs and Leather

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Manufacturing: Furs and Leather
Category (C)
Manufacturing: Furs and leather.

Category " Manufacturing: Furs and Leather " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_IND_BOOTH Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification

Categories, defining the values available for each variable:

Entity ID Entity Name
C_IND_BOOTH_SECTOR_4 Manufacturing

Category " Manufacturing: Furs and Leather " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_OCC_RAW1841_738 Collar (Dog) Maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_881 Currier
C_OCC_RAW1841_882 Currier and Leather-cutter
C_OCC_RAW1841_883 Currier and Leather-cutter, and Seller
C_OCC_RAW1841_884 Currier and Leather-dresser
C_OCC_RAW1841_885 Currier and Leather-merchant
C_OCC_RAW1841_886 Currier and Leather-seller
C_OCC_RAW1841_965 Dyer, Fur
C_OCC_RAW1841_970 Dyer, Leather
C_OCC_RAW1841_1076 Fellmonger
C_OCC_RAW1841_1227 Fur-cutter
C_OCC_RAW1841_1232 Furrier
C_OCC_RAW1841_1333 Gold Beater's skin-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1370 Grindery, dealer in
C_OCC_RAW1841_1371 Grindery-dealer
C_OCC_RAW1841_1751 Leather Embosser and Japanner
C_OCC_RAW1841_1753 Leather-dyer
C_OCC_RAW1841_1754 Leather-embosser and Gilder
C_OCC_RAW1841_1755 Leather-factor
C_OCC_RAW1841_1756 Leather-hose-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1757 Leather-japanner
C_OCC_RAW1841_1758 Leather-merchant
C_OCC_RAW1841_1759 Leather-pipe-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1760 Leather-stainer
C_OCC_RAW1841_2006 Morocco case-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2007 Morocco leather Manufacture
C_OCC_RAW1841_2220 Parchment and Vellum-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2221 Parchment-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2222 Parchment-maker and Dealer
C_OCC_RAW1841_2696 Seal-skin-dresser
C_OCC_RAW1841_2720 Shagreen-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2834 Skin Dresser
C_OCC_RAW1841_2836 Skin-dyer
C_OCC_RAW1841_2838 Skinner
C_OCC_RAW1841_2839 Skinner and Skin-dresser
C_OCC_RAW1841_3077 Tanner
C_OCC_RAW1841_3385 Vellum-maker