Category : Art & Amusements (Music, etc)

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Art & Amusements (Music, etc)
Category (C)
Public Service and Professional: Art and amusements (music, etc.).

Category " Art & Amusements (Music, etc) " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_IND_BOOTH Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification

Categories, defining the values available for each variable:

Entity ID Entity Name
C_IND_BOOTH_SECTOR_8 Public Service & Professional

Category " Art & Amusements (Music, etc) " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_OCC_RAW1841_6 Actor (Play)
C_OCC_RAW1841_174 Billiard-room-keeper
C_OCC_RAW1841_176 Billiard-table-keeper
C_OCC_RAW1841_177 Billiard-table-keeper & Marker
C_OCC_RAW1841_1031 Exhibition (Show) Keeper
C_OCC_RAW1841_1032 Exhibition-Keeper, (Show)
C_OCC_RAW1841_1033 Exhibitor (Showman)
C_OCC_RAW1841_1034 Exhibitor & Showman
C_OCC_RAW1841_1646 Keeper Shooting-gallery
C_OCC_RAW1841_2031 Musician
C_OCC_RAW1841_2032 Musician & Harper
C_OCC_RAW1841_2033 Musician & Organist
C_OCC_RAW1841_2034 Musician & Piper
C_OCC_RAW1841_2035 Musician, Harper & Organist
C_OCC_RAW1841_2036 Musician, Organist, & Harper
C_OCC_RAW1841_2491 Racket-court-keeper
C_OCC_RAW1841_2785 Show-man
C_OCC_RAW1841_3203 Tennis Court Keeper
C_OCC_RAW1841_3208 Theatrical Property-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_3209 Theatrical-ornament-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_3390 Ventriloquist