Category : Manufacturing: Shipbuilding

Categories are the components of variables, so if a variable measures age then the categories are the age groups used, such as '10 to 14'.

Manufacturing: Shipbuilding
Category (C)
Manufacturing: Shipbuilding.

Category " Manufacturing: Shipbuilding " is contained within:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for:

Entity ID Entity Name
V_IND_BOOTH Booth-Armstrong Industrial Classification

Categories, defining the values available for each variable:

Entity ID Entity Name
C_IND_BOOTH_SECTOR_4 Manufacturing

Category " Manufacturing: Shipbuilding " contains:

Categories, defining the values available for each variable :

Entity ID Entity Name
C_OCC_RAW1841_50 Architect, Naval
C_OCC_RAW1841_214 Block (Ship) Maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_215 Block & Mast-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_218 Block, Mast, & Oar-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_219 Block, Oar, & Mast-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_229 Boat & Barge Owner
C_OCC_RAW1841_230 Boat & Barge-builder
C_OCC_RAW1841_231 Boat & Barge-builder Man & Women
C_OCC_RAW1841_232 Boat & Barge-builder Owner
C_OCC_RAW1841_238 Boat-builder
C_OCC_RAW1841_239 Boat-builder & Carpenter
C_OCC_RAW1841_1875 Mast & Block-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2618 Sail-maker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2747 Ship Breaker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2749 Ship Builder
C_OCC_RAW1841_2750 Ship Builder & Carpenter
C_OCC_RAW1841_2751 Ship Builder & Wright
C_OCC_RAW1841_2752 Ship Builder, Carpenter & Wright
C_OCC_RAW1841_2756 Ship Caulker
C_OCC_RAW1841_2757 Ship Chandler
C_OCC_RAW1841_2762 Ship Rigger
C_OCC_RAW1841_2763 Ship Smith
C_OCC_RAW1841_2765 Ship Surveyor
C_OCC_RAW1841_2769 Shipwright