Status details for County Corporate

Status:County Corporate
Number of units in system: 0
Geographical Level: 9 (Middle-level District)
ADL Feature Type:countries, 3rd order divisions
Is a status within:Local Government District

Full Description:

The status of 'county' was given at various times to a number of cities and towns in England and Ireland. The territory of each of these units was irregular in size. These administrative units were separated from the county in which they were situated and more exactly they were called corporate counties or counties corporate. The Local Government Act of 1888 further modified the meaning of the term; besides the historical counties and counties corporate, boroughs of above 50,000 inhabitants (rising to 75,000 inhabitants in the County Boroughs and Adjustment Act of 1926) were made administrative counties under the name of County Boroughs. These County Boroughs were administratively, but not politically or judicially, independent of the counties in which they were situated. There are a total of nineteen County Corporates in England.