Universes define the total number covered by a given nCube, such as the total population of an area or the total number of occupied males aged 16 and over.

The following Universes are currently defined:

Entity IDEntity Name
U_ABLEBODIED Able-bodied Paupers
U_ABLEBODIED_M_OUT Able-bodied Male Paupers on Outdoor Relief
U_ADULT_F Adult Females
U_ADULT_M Adult Males
U_AGCEN_AREA_A Total area in acres, by agricultural census
U_ALL_IND Persons employed in all industries
U_ANIMALS All Animals
U_ARABLE_A Total arable area in acres
U_AREA_ACRES Total area in acres
U_AREA_HECTARES Total area in hectares
U_BIRTHS All Births
U_CATTLE All Cattle
U_CIV_POP All Civilians
U_DEATHS All deaths
U_DEATHS_U5 All deaths at ages under 5 years
U_EDUC_LEVEL Persons with recorded educational level
U_ELECTORATE Persons registered to vote
U_FAMILIES All families
U_FARMS All farms
U_FARMWORKERS All Farmworkers
U_FOWLS All Fowls
U_GOATS All Goats
U_GRASS_A Total area of grassland in acres
U_HHOLD_TENURE Households with recorded Housing Tenure (owned, rented)
U_HORSES All Horses
U_HOURLY_WAGES Wages per Hour (Pence)
U_INF_DEATHS All deaths at ages under 12 months
U_INH_HOUSE All inhabited houses
U_INSURED_UNEM All persons covered by unemployment insurance
U_LAND_AGCEN_FARM Total farmed area, in acres
U_LAND_AGCEN_LAND Total area in acres
U_LAND_H Total land area, in hectares
U_LAND_LUS Total area measured by LUSGB, in acres
U_LAND_LUS_FARM Total farmed area measured by LUSGB, in acres
U_MEAN_POP All Persons
U_OCC Occupied Persons
U_OCC_15UP All Occupied Persons aged 15 & upwards
U_OCC_M Occupied Males
U_OVER20 All persons aged 20 & over
U_PARL_SEATS Seats in Parliament
U_PIGS All Pigs
U_POP_CHANGE Change in number of Persons
U_POP_HOUS Number of Persons in Households
U_POULTRY All Poultry
U_PREV_HOUSE_10 All Houses 10 years earlier
U_PREV_HOUSE_20 All Houses 20 years earlier
U_PREV_HOUSE_30 All Houses 30 years earlier
U_PREV_POP_10YRS All Persons 10 years earlier
U_PREV_POP_20YRS All Persons 20 years earlier
U_PREV_POP_30YRS All Persons 30 years earlier
U_REL_ATTEND Attendances at church
U_ROUGH_A Total area of rough grazing in acres
U_SHEEP All Sheep
U_TOT_5UP All Persons aged 5 & upwards
U_TOT_HHOLD All Households
U_TOT_HOUSE All Houses
U_TOT_HSE_ROOMS All Rooms in Residential Accommodation
U_TOT_POP All Persons
U_TOT_U5 All Persons aged under 5
U_VOL_SCHOOL All eligible for voluntary schooling
U_VOTERS Persons actually voting in an election
U_VOTES_CAST Number of votes cast in an election
U_WEEKLY_WAGES Wages per Week (Pence)
U_WELFARE_POP Total population, as listed in welfare reports
U_WELFARE_TOT All Persons receiving Welfare Assistance
U_WKG_AGE All Persons of Working Age
U_WKG_AGE_M All Males of Working Age
U_WORKERS All Workers
U_WORKERS_MANUF All Workers in Manufacturing
U_WORKERS_REP All Workers reporting an occupation